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Mrs. DeBord, Room 203 (Steuart)


When I am not teaching I will be available for study skills help, either one-on-one or small groups. My room (203 Steuart) is open before Sports, four afternoons a week, as a quiet study area. Students should feel free to drop in or make an appointment. Their Form Master will refer some students to me. Please look at the following two sections and use the suggested sites as needed. If you come across sites you think should also be included, please let me know.


  1. Starting out the year in an organized way
  2. Note-taking skill essentials
  3. Reading for understanding
  4. The point of homework
  5. The art of reviewing
  6. Preparing for quizzes and tests
  7. Balancing all one's activities
II. SPECIFIC HELP (or Frequently Asked Questions):
  1. I read but I can't remember...(Go to #3 above)
  2. I have a quiz tomorrow...(Go to #5 and #6 above)
  3. I have a test at the end of this week...(Go to #5 and #6 above)
  4. A big research paper is coming up...(Helpful web-site:
  5. My notes are not useful...(Go to #2 above)
  6. How long should I study? (Helpful web-site:
  7. Should I do my homework in any particular order? (Helpful web-site:
  8. I was absent and am behind in all my classes...(Helpful web-site:
  9. Mid-terms/Finals are on the horizon...(Helpful web-site:
  10. I'm signed up for the S.A.T.s and don't know what to expect...(Helpful web-site: