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Schedule of teachers and rooms for 2010-11

Back row: Mr. Grauer, Mr. Brockway, Dr. Schofer, Mr. Findler, Mrs. Dunn, Mr. Mattes-Ritz, Mr. Hansen
Front row: Mr. McShane, Mr. Wilkerson, Mr. Kelley (chair), Mr. Carozza; Mrs. DeBord, Mr. Andreoli

Mr. Peter Kelley, Chair

Upper School
(alphabetical list):

Mr. Robert Andreoli

Mr. Davide Carozza

Mrs. Colleen Dunn

Mr. Ted Findler

Mr. Michael Hansen

Dr. Jarad Schofer

Lower School

Mr. Tim Brockway

Mrs. Linda DeBord,
Lower School
Director of Studies

Mr. Andrew Grauer

Mr. Jonathan Mattes-Ritz

Mr. Kevin McShane

Mr. Mark Wilkerson


Beginning in September 2010, the Math Lab is located in MH-103, not MH-102. (MH-102 is now the Computer Lab.) If you are looking for extra help or a relatively quiet place to study, the Math Lab and STAySmart Center are both available. You can work on your homework from any class, plus you can get quick answers to any math-related questions you might have. Please remember that the Math Lab computers are for math assignments only, unless the teacher on duty has given you specific permission for that day to work on something else.

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Click here for the schedule of ISMAW Math Team meets for 2010-11.

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If you have additional announcements to submit, please contact Mr. Hansen.


Serious Links (Recommended):
    The Math Forum (Swarthmore College)
    Eric Weisstein’s colossal World of Mathematics
    WolframAlpha, an advanced “computational knowledge engine” for mathematics and quantitative analysis
    Summer math camps and other opportunities for advanced study



Last updated: 30 Apr 2011